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Autumn Winter 2017

Esme wears FRANCES long reversible bomber

An Icon Reimagined

"This AW17 Parka London is celebrating ‘Humble Beginnings’ with the launch of its new collection, a revitalised edit of the modern parka and key essential outerwear winter styles."

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Taking its inspiration from the parka’s timeless appeal and functional beginnings, the collection continues to hail the brand’s signature style of adding a contemporary twist to a classic wardrobe icon..“

Igor wears MARON water resistant jacket Shop the look

A modern winter celebration

“The autumnal colour palette of traditional military tones and modern green hues are mixed with hints of rustic artisanal deep reds, and opulent dark blue, juxtaposed with cool light grey tones, ecru and sage to give this collection a contemporary yet ageless appeal and luxurious finish.”

Igor wears MARSHALL short corduroy jacket

Igor wears the ELI Short Jacket

Igor wears the JACKSON long parka Shop the look

Esme wears the IRIS wool crop coat

The collection

"Functional details from dry waxed finishes, deep bellow pockets and heavy zips with exposed tapes emphasises rugged, utilitarian features to combine understated style with purpose.”

Esme wears the GEORGIA made in England wool coat & LOLA duster coat

The new AW17 Collection

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