1. Coat Check: The Nordic Parka

    Coat Check: The Nordic Parka

    Since the pandemic we think it’s safe to say we have all been embracing outdoor living, whether it be getting adventurous or simply enjoying a bit of alfresco dining. We understand our lifestyle is reflected in what we wear and as we continue to supply modern versions of the classics… we have introduced a new colour to one of our...
  2. Heritage in Design

    Heritage in Design

    Parka London’s heritage is a huge part of who we are. Our founder Alfie Lever returned home from the RAF in 1948 searching for something new to apply himself to. Inspired by the utilitarian design of his RAF uniform, Alfie set out on a new venture. The Parka London range offers modern takes on the classic parka but if you...
  3. Mod Music Playlist: The Sixties' Spirit

    Mod Music Playlist: The Sixties' Spirit

    The sixties still sound like a progressive era, and it was. The civil rights movement marked the decade, and it was the first time that people started questioning the conservative views on how their life was supposed to be. Experimenting with drugs, loud parties and the miniskirt - it all took place in the sixties. Sometimes, it’s hard to grasp...
  4. How to Wear a Men's Parka?

    How to Wear a Men's Parka?

    Wearing a parka is easy, it goes with every style. It's a coat for all types of weather and men. Parka is a winter coat that's more versatile than any other. The modern parka was invented as a military coat back in the 1950s, but it had evolved in many variations. The most famous parka coat still is The Who...

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