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Black Friday offer - 0% Discount

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We will not be partaking in the discount frenzy of Black Friday weekend this year, nor any future years. We are standing up for brand value and joining the growing number of brands and manufacturers who value the integrity of their brand and products more than a quick ‘buck’.

Traditionally in the UK, seasonal sales took place, at the end of the season, to clear seasonal stock to make way for new season product. Black Friday, a gift from our cousins across the Atlantic, encourages a race to the bottom and discounting and is, in our opinion, everything that is wrong with retail today. We have been guilty of getting caught up in the madness ourselves, discounting heavily at times and for that, we apologise - we lost our way for a while.

We are proud of our brand, our heritage and our quality. We think our products are priced fairly and worth every penny, once you wear one, we hope you agree but rest assured, the price you pay today will be the same price you pay next week, next month or next year.

We believe honesty and transparency are essential in business today, so it is important to be clear that we will still have a seasonal sale on a seasonal product, at the end of the season and occasionally offer introductory offers to new customers.



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