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Whether you have a classic parka coat or have opted for one of our other great designs, it is important to look after it correctly. We know your coat is made to protect you from the elements, but it is just as important that you protect it!
We’ve put together the ultimate guide to help you care for your parka and make it last for years to come.

How to wash a wool coat? 

Wool is one of the best materials used for making coats, it's been one for centuries. As wool is a natural material and doesn't contain any plastic fibres, it is breathable. Thanks to the lanolin it contains, it is also water-resistant
However, it's not dirt-repellent and you will have to wash it.

In theory, you can wash a wool coat at home - with a mild detergent in cold water. But in practice, it's a terrible idea as wool coats are heavy. Just imagine the amount of water it would absorb. Also, you can't expose wool to high temperatures as it would shrink.

If you're an owner of a wool coat, follow these tips:

Always take your coat to dry cleaners. Never attempt to wash it yourself. If it gets marked, gently spot clean with a brush and a damp cloth and leave to dry flat.

• When you’re not wearing your wool coat, store it in a protective bag. Wool attracts moths and dust, so keep them at bay by storing your coat in a garment bag.

Hang your coat on a sturdy wooden hanger. Keeping it on a door hook could lead to your coat losing its shape


How to wash a parka coat?

Parka coats are the best jackets for any outdoor activities. However, they also get dirty. As every parka jacket is made of different materials, there's no universal tip on how to wash it. 

When the time for washing your parka comes, try to follow these tips: 

Always check the care label before throwing your coat in the washing machine. If in doubt, take it to the dry cleaners for advice. Always remove any detachable trims, particularly faux fur, before cleaning.

• If your parka is made with down, then always tumble dry after washing. Leaving it to air dry can cause the feathers to clump together. Once tumble dried, fluff up the lining and the faux fur trim if it has one.

Try not to over wash your coat. Limit it to once a season to help it last longer.

• If your coat has a synthetic filling and is suitable for tumble drying, pop a couple of tennis balls into the dryer with it to help keep the lining from clumping.


How to wash a raincoat? 

Raincoats are maybe water-repellent, but not dirt repellent. Sometimes, it's enough just to wipe the dirt with a damp cloth from the surface, but sometimes it just needs a bigger intervention.

When the raincoat washing becomes necessary, follow these tips:

• Washing your waterproof may seem like a strange idea, but it still needs careful attention. Sweat and oils can build up and lower the jacket’s effectiveness. For heavy use, we recommend washing monthly or whenever it starts to feel clammy when you are wearing it.

Close all Velcro fastenings before washing and always check the care label.

Choose a non-detergent cleaning agent and hand wash in cold water. Don’t use any bleach or fabric softeners.

• Hang your coat up to dry.


*These are guidelines, so please always check the label before washing*



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