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Where It All Began: This Is How Jackets Were Sold in 1953

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“Must be seen to be believed!”
“Often Imitated - Never Duplicated.”
“Cosy warm in zero weather lumber jacket.”
“Let it rain! Let it blow! Exclusive offer original RAF parka coats.”

These are the headlines of a 66-year-old Parka London jacket commercial published in Blighty magazine. Has something changed from 1953 to 2019?

A bit. The Queen got older, we entered the European Union & decided to leave it, and James Bond actors changed six times (It’s quite possible Ian Flemming was wearing one of this jackets as he invented Bond during 1953).

Nevertheless, British weather hasn’t changed. We’re still miserable when we look at the heavy grey clouds that wait upon us. Our winters are damp tortures, and we still hate the chilly winds.

Our great grandfathers and grandmothers, like we today, tried to find the best jackets to stay warm.

And at Parka London we were trying to make those jackets, just like today. The Londoner with that vision, founder Alfie Lever started his jacket adventure after he returned from the Royal Air Force (RAF).

His military jacket was his inspiration, his father’s tailor experience a big help. He designed the first parka in 1953 with devotion. And he knew how to advertise it.

The little things that make us happy

Parka London’s owner Stephen Lever found the 1953 magazine ad on a dusty shelf. And it made him excited.

- Seeing that ad brought a big smile on my face. In the 21st century, we haven’t really changed. All of our designs follow original military jackets and coats, especially our parkas. Seeing that promo was proof for me that we still support the initial values my father introduced - says Lever.

Military jackets then & military design now

All of our designs then were based on military jackets. Why? Because we’re always battlin’ with the weather, and who knows better to battle than the army.

Royal Air Force (RAF) was the one wearing parkas during the Second World War. Materials then were waterproof but quite more massive.

For extra warmth, the pioneers of Parka London used thick pure wool lining. It was warm but heavy. Today we use PrimaLoft, synthetic microfiber thermal insulation that was developed for the US Army. Much lighter than wool and as warm.

The looking good part

Other than the being miserable about the weather part, one other thing hasn’t changed. And that’s the desire of the British nation to be stylish and original.

The RAF parkas were stylish at the beginning of the fifties as they are now. It is stated there, on the commercial.

Also, the jeep coat copy is quite good. It would be bold to use it today, but it stated: “Often Imitated - Never Duplicated”.

Wear it as it was the 1950’s

Who knows, maybe your grandpa or grandma was wearing a Parka London 66 years ago. It’s a brand that really passes on from generation to generation.

A lot of things will change in the next 60 years. The Queen will get much older, more actors will play James Bond, we will probably enter and quit Europe again…

But we bet you one thing.
Our parkas will stay the same.

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