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A/W 2019 Collection: A Parka Reinvented

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We have reinvented the timeless parka jacket once more in the autumn/winter season 2019. Inspired with heritage, the new pieces are transitional staple garments that can be worn any time, anywhere, no matter the weather.

Parka coats for every type of weather

Trends come and go, but parkas seem to defy them. The story of Parka London is a long one, as all started with making an army jacket in 1953.

Not long after that, in the sixties, the mods grasped the parkas, and it became a symbol of the subculture. Today, we are reinventing that parka coats to suit the weather, whatever the wind brings.

We find inspiration in the outdoor life

The collection is full of parka coats with detachable liners, faux- fur and borg internals, lightweight and arctic pieces to keep you prepared for the unpredictable. We found inspiration in the heritage and reinvented the pieces for the outdoors while using high-quality materials, the ones that you can rely on an expedition.

Expedition parkas: a season novelty

While we were focusing on the parkas for the outdoors, an idea emerged. The idea transitioned into the Expedition parkas.

This jacket is heavy padded but not bulky in weight, perfect for outdoor explorers. It has Premium Primaloft wadding for extra insulation and a detachable faux- borg hood lining for extra warmth.

Parka coat - military green


Parka coat for everyone

The parkas we make, aren’t just designed for every kind of weather, the different variations try to match different personal styles.

- We don’t follow “trends”; we make sure that every parka we make is a timeless coat. But, there are different variations of the classic parka. We have pieces such as the Carnaby, which is our classic mod parka, our Expedition, suitable for the explorer in you or our Ewe for the countryside stroller - says fashion designer Mel Lyse, the one behind the exciting designs.

Double block parka jacket


Men can choose between classic parkas, one-coloured ones or opt for the Timber model parka jacket, an interesting combination of block colours.

Every parka we make is a coat that defies trends

Women can also find a perfect parka coat to keep them warm for many winters. The parkas are available in classic colours, in short, and long variations.
The coat that stands out a bit in the A/W 2019 season is the EWE parka coat, a parka with a detachable, checked liner- making it accessible cooler or colder climates and the red and blue wool-look lining making it extra snug.

Woman parka coat

Did we say they all of our parkas are water-resistant? It’s true.

The heritage parka coats

Our parkas are inspired by heritage, but in the Made in England line, the jackets are heritage.
In this capsule range, we’re paying tribute to our British manufacturing heritage, to the same exacting standards as the original garments – we did in ’53.

Parkas we used to make, an hommage to British manufacturing

The post-war military parkas inspire HOLMES heritage parka, it is an authentic mod style jacket with the fishtail, but it can also be turned up with press-studs for a more contemporary straight edge.


Along with HOLMES, we’re celebrating our military DNA with the P-53 is our tribute to the daddy of all Parkas, the M48. This jacket is dedicated to details and made to the same exacting standards as the original.


The P-53 is the jewel in the crown of our collections, a beacon of true heritage with enduring quality and style.




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