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Discover the perfect upcycled parka accessory

Discover the perfect upcycled parka accessory

Parka London in Conversation

Words by Parka London
Photography by Kate Forster
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The team at Parka London wanted to create the perfect accessory that was also gentle on the environment for our parkas. So we partnered up with the luxury leather bag makers Lost Property of London, a British brand who utilise zero waste principles. The Rivington Rucksack was selected for its genderless, understated design, and effortless practicality and perfect for the Parka London customer.

The Lost Property of London Store <strong>Photographed by Kate Forster</strong>
The Lost Property of London Store Photographed by Kate Forster

The surplus from our dry waxed cotton-nylon core fabrics used for our most popular styles Lara and Johan, were complemented with vegetable tanned leather and adjustable hide straps to create our very own limited edition version of the rucksack to complement our curated collection of men and women parkas.

We loved the considered details such as the beautiful style of studs, subtle branding and clasp add a luxurious feel and felt this was a great compliment to our parkas, also packed with extra details for a premium finish.

Limited Edition folio rucksack<strong>Photographed by Kate Forster</strong>
Limited Edition folio rucksackPhotographed by Kate Forster
"We hope you love this bag as much as we do."Fiona Mills, Parka London.
The ultimate parka accessory <strong>Photographed by Kate Forster</strong>
The ultimate parka accessory Photographed by Kate Forster

If you are looking for a stylish accessory for your effortless and modern style and is also gentle on the environment, you might have just found what you are looking for!

We hope you love this accessory as much as we do. The Rivington Rucksack is available to buy now, for £328.

Using our surplus core fabrics <strong>Photographed by Kate Forster</strong>
Using our surplus core fabrics Photographed by Kate Forster
Available in Navy and Khaki <strong><a href="">Shop Now</a></strong>
Available in Navy and Khaki Shop Now



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