Packing for a Festival? Don’t Forget These 10 Things...

The 10 Things You Should Include on Your Festival Packing List

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The festival times are upon of us. The sun, the rain, the laughs and the music.

It really doesn’t matter what kind of festival is your thing, mud is there 80% of the time. Especially if you’re somewhere in the UK.

Glastonbury Festival’s mud is, of course, worldly known, but summer showers don’t choose. Rain pours the same on the electronic music lovers on Creamfield as well as on the headbangers heads on The Download festival.

What to pack for a festival and what to wear is one of the most asked questions before going to one. There’s always someone there that seems to have something practical.

We’ll not bore you with the usual packing list, like take a tent, a sleeping bag, medicines, two towels, wellies...

We teamed up with festival-goer bloggers to find out their little packing secrets.

The festival packing list with the real must-haves

1. A water bottle

You laugh, but it’s true. A water bottle you can always fill is a big must have on a festival. Keep it full. Imagine waking up in the morning with a dry throat with nothing to drink.

2. Hand sanitizer

Sophie, one of the most experienced festival bloggers out there never goes to one without hand sanitizer.

- That stuff is just a must have - says the festival veteran whose fav ones are Tomorrowland and Wilderness.

3. Earplugs

Having a good night sleep while thousands of people are partying around you? There is hope.

- I can’t survive without earplugs! The older I get the worse I sleep, so being able to block out noise while camping in a tent is essential for me. Luckily, I realised a long time ago that in-ear headphones do the job just as well as regular earplugs, and you’re less likely to lose them thanks to the wires - recommends another festival goer, blogger Flora the Explorer.

Pogledajte ovu objavu na Instagramu.

Last weekend I headed to the @wildernesshq music festival for the hen do of one of my oldest friends???????????????? It's the third time I've been to Wilderness (once as a visitor, and once as a speaker!????) and this year's version didn't disappoint. Our group of fourteen bridesmaids and hens camped out in the uncharacteristically boiling summer sun, covered ourselves with a significant amount of body glitter, decorated our superhero capes under a shady copse of trees, danced like crazy to fantastic music amongst the crowds, and most importantly celebrated all our favourite memories of the beautiful bride-to-be. Full disclosure: I've not been doing fantastically well in the last few weeks, and almost didn't go to the festival. Luckily my instincts were right (also highlighted by the future bride!) - that leaving the sadness behind to spens the weekend with a group of lovely girls was just the fix I needed to feel more like myself again. When was the last time you spent a weekend with a group of fierce, beautiful women?????????

Objavu dijeli Flora The Explorer (@florabaker)

Flora has many festivals in her festival-going career, but her favourite ones are summer Exit festival held under a castle in Serbia and Iceland Airwaves, a November festival in Reykjavik.

4. Proper pillow and duvet

Earplugs aren’t the only thing that is essential for sleeping. If you’re camping, really think about your bed.

- Decent sleeping area is crucial. Proper pillow and a duvet are a must-have - says Leah. Listen to her, she knows, she’s running a wellbeing blog.

5. Hand fan

-Believe it or not, one of my top festival must-haves is a hand fan. Yep, the kind you are thinking - where you can open it up and fan yourself. It’s actually unbelievable how cool these can keep you on a hot day or in a dense crowd, and you immediately become everyone’s best friend when you fan some air on them. Super cheap, too! - explains Kimmie, a festival obsessed adventurer blogger.

We’re sure you can’t imagine going to a festival crowd without it. Kimmy has already tried on her fav festivals - Tomorrowland and Sziget in Budapest.

6. Duct tape

We’re for real. You’re going camping, and all you have is that tent. If someone falls on it (very possible), it will tear. And then you have the duck tape to patch it up. Super convenient.

7. A scarf in which you can hide a flask

Do you know what the worst festival mud made of is? Dust. So, when it doesn’t rain, and it’s hot, there’s a lot of sand around in the air. Randy can’t imagine going to a festival without his unique scarf.

- My Speakeasy Travel Scarf is lightweight and perfect for keeping the sun off my neck as well as helping to keep dust from my face, especially at festivals in the desert. But the best thing about the scarf is that it has a secret pocket, which is the perfect place to keep my essentials like my phone, credit card, identity card safe but easily accessible. It’s also a great place to hide a flask or some nips - shares Randy, the man behind The Beers & Beans blog. We hope security guys aren’t reading this!

8. Portable phone charger

“Where are you? “This question is the most frequently asked one on a festival, it doesn’t matter if you’re calling your friends or sending texts. On bigger festivals, there are phone charging boots. But, having a portable phone charger is always a good idea.

9. Torch

Yes, we know you have a torch on your phone, but remember that you have to save your battery from answering the question “Where are you’”. Head torch is really essential. In the dark, all the tents look the same. And a lot of them actually are the same - the pop up cheap tents.

9. Plastic bags

We don’t like plastic bags (try to buy degradable ones) but having them on a festival really can save your life. If all of your shoes or boots are wet, put a plastic bag between your sock and a wet shoe.

You can isolate a tent with a plastic bag and a duct tape or put it on your head when it’s raining (of course, it’s always better if you’re having a really cool water-resistant raincoat .

10. Glitter

You can survive without glitter, but why should you?

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The best thing about @tomorrowland was sharing flags, cultures, backgrounds, ethnicities and instead of separating ourselves into categories, being ONE! One family, one heart, one soul... Embracing our differences and loving each other for who we are. At the end of the day, more than being from here or there, I'm a citizen of the world and feel connected to each and every one of you! ???????? Thank you #Tomorrowland for showing us it's possible to live in peace and spread the light ???? #peopleoftomorrow #tomorrowlandxwonderland #tomorrowland2017 #festivalstyle #happygirl #grateful #mermaid #unicorn #whitneyswonderlandinbelgium #liketkit #revolveme

Objavu dijeli WHITNEY VALVERDE (@whitneys_wonderland)

Glitter is one of the essential things I take on a festival, along with a lot of water to stay hydrated - says Whitney who you can follow on her Wonderland blog . Her fav festival is Tomorrowland, of course!

Have fun!



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