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How to Wear a Men's Parka?

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Parka is a winter coat that's more versatile than any other. The modern parka was invented as a military coat back in the 1950s, but it had evolved in many variations.

The most famous parka coat still is The Who Parka, a fishtail parka coat that remained the symbol of the mods. The jacket gained popularity again with the Brit Pop movement.

Through the decades' parkas changed, its design was re-imagined over and over again, and new materials were used. The one thing that stayed permanent in its many designs is that every created parka is the goal to be a functional winter coat that's aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

For men, the parka became the one winter coat to have for winter, an outdoor garment you can wear on every occasion, from going to work to a hike in nature. As it's s a coat that can cover all fashion winter needs a man could ask for, it's wise to choose it carefully.

Men's Parka: What's the right fit?

Men's parkas come in two versions; one is a shorter parka coat, that ends a little below the hips and the longer one above the knees, at the middle of the thigh.




Parkas aren't a garment that's slim or tight. When you try them on, you should have in mind that you will probably wear a thick sweater underneath and that you must feel comfortable wearing it.

How to wear men's parka?

#1 Casual style

Parkas are made for urban adventures, especially if you're living in the UK where weather is unpredictable with wet and dark winters.


How to wear a parka men casual


Parkas work with any kind of weather, as they are waterproof and windproof. You can style your parka with sneakers, Doc Martens or chelsea boots.

# Modern Dandy

When Mods wore parkas, they combined them with sleek, tailored suits. So, naturally, the parka is a jacket that you can wear with a suit. There's no need for a classic coat when you can wear a classic parka.


Dandy Parka coat



#Outdoor hike

Parkas work as good in the city as they do for nature winter hikes. The breathable material, Primaloft insulation traps the heat, but it also lets it out.
Functional pockets on parkas are also a detail that can make your walks much more comfortable.


Wearing a parka on a hike




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