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Winter Parkas That Battle The Cold

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Winter parka is a coat that battles the harshest weather conditions. The search for a perfect parka means a quest for a coat that can stop an icy breeze, that repels water, and of course, a parka that you can wear for years to come.

Insulated Parkas: The Inspiration

In the year 2020, when spending time outdoors became the equivalent to the feeling of freedom, we embraced that and created the perfect winter parkas.

As with every piece we create, there is a lot of heritage in our insulated parkas. From the first parkas created in the company back in the late fifties of the 20th century, the goal stayed the same: Functional jackets with utilitarian design.

Of course, a lot has changed in the past 70 years, but we're still re-imagining the iconic parka, nourishing the minimalistic design approach.

Man wearing a black parka jacket

The RANGER parka jacket is an insulated parka with a water-resistant shell, perfect for winter outdoor weather.

Winter Parka: The Extra Warm Materials

A long time ago, when the Inuits in Greenland invented the parka coat, they used caribou or seal skin. As parkas evolved in the fashion industry during the last century, a lot of companies used goose down and animal fur on the hoods along with borg linen.
That kind of parka was warm, but also heavy. The biggest downside from today's perspective was, of course - the use of materials of animal origin.


Winter parka faux fur
ALASKA parka jacket has Primaloft insulation, that's what keeps you warm. The faux fur is a design addition.

Today, we don't have to harm animals to have warmth. All the insulated parkas in our range are padded with superior PrimaLoft insulation. This material is one of the best insulators as it perfectly mimics the thermal performance of down.

The microfibers of Primaloft are specially made to create miniature air pockets that trap the heat just like down does. That characteristic also allows an airflow, which means that you will be warm, without the unpleasant feeling of overheating. The artificial material has another advantage - it's more lightweight and compressible.

The Look of the Lining

The origin and performance of the materials we use are important, but it's also essential how it looks like.

The lining is a part of our design. In our men's Ranger winter parkas, contrast lining is used as well as in the women's Stormont series.


Women's parka STORMONT

Although you can't see it, we care about lining: STORMONT parkas all have contrast colour lining


In the Wanderer parka faux borg is used as lining while the Caversham model has soft faux fur lining and hood trim for extra warmth.

That part of the parka can be removed, making the Caversham a winter parka that can be worn in warmer weather.

Attention to Details

When designing a winter parka, we focus on the details that complement the coat to offer uncompromising protection.

One of the "pain points" that let the cold are sleeves, so we add storm cuffs that can be tightened for extra protection.

To the longer parkas like the Caversham model, adjustable drawcords at the waist are added, and the cords are also added to the hoods.


Winter parka for women teal
CAVERSHAM model has additional cords added to the hood & waistline


Our every model is designed with a signature ring on the back, our trademark.

These winter parkas are made to protect you. We hope you'll love the ability to remove or add the faux fur or borg when you won't need it.

Parka London winter parka is a staple piece, a coat to wear for winters to come.




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