1. New in AW17 Edition for Her

    New in AW17 Edition for Her

    AW17 starts with us going back to the humble beginnings… collating every function and detail from inspired vintage parkas and reimagining its function and utility into our modern stylish coats for our contemporary lifestyles. As with every collection we can’t but help ourselves to pay homage to our icon the humble Parka and develop its function and look through each...
  2. The Green Parka Retrospective

    The Green Parka Retrospective

    The history of utilitarian outerwear is rich with shades of green, from the very first military parka and its sage green hue to the many variations of the colour that we’ve used and loved over the years. Green is definitely a classic for us at PARKA London, and it’s going to stay that way. "We don't believe in reinventing the wheel, a...
  3. There Are No Rules: Tomboy Style

    There Are No Rules: Tomboy Style

    Being a tomboy is more than just wearing men's clothing. It embodies strength, ferocity and confidence with plenty of charm. When you’re a tomboy – there are no rules. We at PARKA London we find this very exciting! Design ideas are limitless when you have no guidelines. "An oversized parka keeps your look effortless by blending style with function, allowing...

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