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  1. Caring For Your Parka: How To Make Your Coat Last "

    Caring For Your Parka: How To Make Your Coat Last

    Whether you have a classic parka coat or have opted for one of our other great designs, it is important to look after it correctly. We know your coat is made to protect you from the elements, but it is just as important that you protect it!We’ve put together the ultimate guide to help you care for your parka and...
  2. The Famous Jackets of Horror! "

    The Famous Jackets of Horror!

    Here at PARKA, we are getting in the Halloween spirit (pun intended), but we still wanted to talk about coats, because, well, that’s what we do best!To celebrate this spooky holiday, and the upcoming release of the new HALLOWEEN film, we are taking a look at some of our favourite horror films and the coats the famous characters wore on...
  3. AW/18 The Winter Style Guide "

    AW/18 The Winter Style Guide

    As the mornings become darker and the sun begins to set at what seems like lunchtime, it can be a struggle to get out of bed. Especially when it’s cold and pouring with rain outside. As gloomy as it may seem, here at Parka London, we love the winter! As the saying goes ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather...
  4. PARKA London Introduces Made in England "

    PARKA London Introduces Made in England

    PARKA London launches a limited edition Made in England menswear range this season featuring a trio of original designs; including an exclusive collaboration with British brand Mr Start. Read on for all the details and to explore the collection. Here at Parka London, we are proud of our British heritage and this season we have the pleasure of introducing our...
  5. The History of The PARKA: Our Story "

    The History of The PARKA: Our Story

    Every year we're launching a new season we go back in history and take a look back to our heritage. Parka Origins The word ‘Parka’ means ‘animal skin’ and originates from the Arctic regions around Northern Russia and Alaska. Originally the indigenous Inuit made parka coats from seal skin to shield themselves from the extreme arctic climates whilst hunting and...
  6. Exhibition: Frida Kahlo The V&A Museum "

    Exhibition: Frida Kahlo The V&A Museum

    The long awaited and highly anticipated Frida Kahlo exhibition has finally launched at London’s V&A museum. Read on for everything you need to know. For the first time in 50 years, since the death of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, her worldly possessions are being exhibited outside of Mexico. London’s Victoria and Albert museum has become home to her personal affects...
  7. Unisex Parka London Bags "

    Unisex Parka London Bags

    With our new bag collection you’ll find the ideal bag to transition into the summer months. Made from a lightweight, waterproof material they can carry you through any weather. Available in black and Khaki, there’s a “Go-to” bag for everyone. So let us introduce you to the new collection… UNISEX PARKA LONDON BAGS Hamilton The Hamilton is our stylish unisex...
  8. SS18 Street Style Inspiration "

    SS18 Street Style Inspiration

    Come rain, come shine there are some lucky people out there who always seem to have just the right outfit. Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up our favourite street style looks of the summer so far. Read on for some must-have style tips and serious outfit inspiration. @STYLEANDSTYLUS AND @SOPHIA_ROSEMARY Gray Standing out from the crowd has never been a...

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