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Making Jackets Since 1953

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We are what we wear. We wear what we are.

At Parka London we make what we are, jackets and coats true to the original designs and values set up in 1953.

That year, the year of coronation, the original founder of Parka London Alfie Lever started the business in London’s Carnaby Street. A former Royal Air Force pilot made his first orders for the army.

The mods very soon recognised the timeless design of the parka coat in the 1960s.
Over the decades' parka was the jacket, but the iconic design gained even more popularity with Britpop stars wearing them in the 1990s.

- Today, we are reinventing the parka jacket. We are dedicated to our roots in the Made in England Black Label Collection. All the fabrics in that collection are sourced from northern mills and designed and manufactured in East London - says Parka London’s owner Stephen Lever.

Take a closer look to Parka London’s story, see where iconic jackets and genuine coats are made. Stephen is telling the story of Parka, the tale about his father and heritage.

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Where It All Began: This Is How Jackets Were Sold in 1953

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