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The Spring Travel List

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At the beginning of spring nature is waking up, and along with it, our desire for discovering a new place.

When you’re planning a short weekend getaway, a good idea is to explore interesting places closer to home. If you have time to pack up for a week or two, you can really play around the globe.

We gathered some ideas and teamed up with Instagramers to hear what are their fav spring travel destinations and plans.

Good travel ideas are coming from Jen Lou Meredith , Natalie Wall and Archana Dhankar.

The best places in the UK for a spring break

Lake District, a magical place

The first thing that comes up on our mind when we talk about spring travel on the big island is the Lake District National Park.

There’s no scenery as British as those lakes with the valleys and woodlands surrounding it. The best time to get some peace and quiet there is, you guess, April and May.

The weather is unpredictable then, that’s true, but at the same time racing clouds and heavy showers are an important part of the British experience.

Archana is visiting Lake District this spring. We hope she packs a good raincoat and sends us some pics.

Broadstairs, Kent, a quiet place on the shore

If you’re looking for that little seaside town, pick Broadstairs. This is one of Natalie’s favourite spring destinations. In fact, she loves it there so much, she wants to move there.

- I fell in love with the sandy Viking Bay while day-tripping there a few years back—it’s not as obviously ‘hipster’ as nearby Margate, but there are some great places. Like Morelli’s ice cream parlour, frozen in time with original 1950’s signage, soda fountain and pink leatherette seating. Dreamy. Wyatt & Jones serves up the most delicious dishes. Plus KIT for contemporary clothing, Smiths for the best coffee in town and Gemset for crystals. Aside from all that, I love to go for long strolls along the beach towards Ramsgate—come rain or shine—to say hello to all the excellent doggos being walked - says Nat.

She is obviously in love with this place. But we think we are too. We are visiting that cream parlour, definitely.

Brighton - the place for a quirky weekend

Broadstairs is a dreamy little coastal town, that’s true. But Brighton is still the place you want to go to. Its unique vibe wasn’t lost with the popularity.

If you’ve never been there, you should go and feel it. Spring is an excellent time to do that, as it’s not so crowdy yet.

- You can’t beat the coast when you’re thinking about spending a weekend in the UK. I love Brighton’s quirkiness and good shopping - says Jen Lou in her recommendation. If you’re a first time visitor, you have to make a selfie on the Brighton beach. A must do is a walk near the colourful beach houses and exploring the town’s street art.

The Cotswolds, England as it once was

No place ’s as English as The Cotswolds. Pretty villages with stone cottages, flowing streams and winding roads are a perfect weekend getaway. Especially if you live in a city.

The Cotswolds are not crowded, they don’t have tons of hipster stuff. They are genuine as is a visit to your grandmother.

When you’re there take a drive and visit Castle Comb, Bibury and Stow-on-the-Wold.

If you have kids or you still feel like one, visit Cotswold Wildlife Park and become friends with lemurs.

London, a capital in bloom

We are from London, so we love it in the spring. For those who don’t dwell here, it can be a fantastic spring weekend.

Archana is planning a weekend in London. - Besides visiting farms in the south, the capital is my fav destination for spring travels in the UK, I just love being there when it’s getting warmer - says Archana.

She’s right. It seems like the city’s woken up. The beer gardens are full, and parks look green and full of life.

The spring vacation list - world list

There are so many places to go in the world, but talking to Archana, Jen Lou and Natalie, we decided to list the following five.

Japan, cherry blossom country

Archana, Natalie and Jen Lou, all three of them think that Japan is a great country to visit in spring. And we agree. Japan seems to be a perfect spring destination.

The land of the rising Sun is famous for its cherry blossom trees which, when they bloom, create magical scenery.

Japan is a vast country, and of course, you can do many different things over there, but visiting the cherry blossom festival Hanami is a big reason why this far east country is on the top of our spring list.

Greece, just warm enough

Greece is an excellent destination for a spring vacation because the weather is mild and the cities and islands are less crowded.

Especially if you’re into sightseeing. Natalie is packing up to go to Halkidiki, the northern peninsula. She promises she’ll do some Instagram holiday spamming :)

During April it’s still too cold for a beach holiday in Greece, so you should plan out your stay. Renting a scooter is a great idea, especially if you’re exploring a Greek island.

Australia, it’s autumn there actually

When it’s spring in the UK, it’s fall in Australia. That season in the land down under is incredible, and not cold at all. In Sydney, the average temperature through April is 19 °C and 16 °C in May.

Australia is vast, so you're sure to find your thing.

Jen Lou is giving herself a month for Australia. - I am going to backpack along the coast. I am planning a lot of rainforest walks, enjoying water sports like snorkelling and surfing and I’ll be helping out at various animal sanctuaries - says Jen Lou.

Morocco, colourful cities & the desert

Like Greece, Morocco is also one of those destinations that’s too hot to visit during the summer months. We recommend exploring the atmospheric Marrakesh, a historical city full of life. There is a wall with beautiful tiles in every street just calling out to becoming your selfie background.

Marrakech is on Natalie’s list also. She plans to “go in a hammam, shop at the souk, admire the exquisite architecture and eat ALL of the tagines”. And if you’re more of an explorer, we recommend visiting the Sahara desert and the Dades Valley.

France in springtime

Paris can be a great weekend destination, but exploring France in the spring can become a dream vacation.

Just imagine discovering all those little forgotten French villages while nature is blooming. Amazing.

Don’t forget to pack well. And take an excellent rain jacket along.



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