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Our heritage

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We took the humble parka and made it the best it can be. It wears its utilitarian charm on its sleeve (and pockets and hood) and is a symbol of the effortless dressing that suits modern living. Ours are made from luxurious, smart fabrics with contemporary styling and an unwavering attention to detail.

Our story

In 2013, we wanted to create a range of beautiful, practical and modern outerwear that doesn't cost the earth – but let's you still live life in style.

Our details

Warming linings and wind-breaking hoods - the cornerstones of a parka, perfected by us. We say the mark of a good design is in the details!

Our ethos

We believe in redefining classic silhouettes into modern pieces that function for busy people with busy lives. We want to create clothing that people will love and treasure for years to come – to become that trusty go-to you can't live without.

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Not your average weatherproof

We care about coats – how they feel, how they look and how they function. We ensure every detail is tweaked until it's just right.

Clever layering

Rainy, sunny, windy, cold. A normal day in the UK, making layering a modern necessity – we've made it easy with detachable linings.

The essential parka

No detail makes the cut without proper thought. In our eyes, practical construction and modern styling makes our parkas the best around.

Faux fur, for real

We don't see the point in using real fur, so we don't. We use the highest quality faux fur to keep you cosy (and your conscience clear.)

Enduring quality

We test every single design on real people living real lives. It's the only way to ensure our coats function the way they should – protecting you against the elements in comfort and style.

Exploring Milan with Parka London
Exploring Milan with Parka London
David Hockney: Our modern protagonist
David Hockney: Our modern protagonist
A modern British Summer Time
A modern British Summer Time

The Lara

Our much loved classic parka that will not let you down. Perfect to wear throughout the year with the clever detachable layering and faux fur trims

The Johann

Classic men's parka, to keep you warm when the weather starts to bite.

The Otto

A 3-in-1 parka for maximum versatility. Layer up when it's cold, layer down when it's warm – it's as easy as that.

The Kay

A 3-in-1 parka to let you take control of the weather. Add warmth with the puffer jacket for winter days, or zip out the padded lining come spring.

Winter chill has begun. The new collection has you sorted. #parkalondon #winter #essential #womenswear #menswear
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